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Welcome to KikiliciousFashions. We are so happy to introduce to you all of our products via our online store! Each product is designed to empower everyday women with the ability to feel confident while wearing our quality and comfortable waist trainers.

KikiliciousFashions has grown in so many ways, and we hope to connect with women all over!

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  • "A must have from @kikiliciousfashions Sooo comfortable and supports my entire body so well. This is the power net full body trainer. Perfect for everyday use, post operation, and after having children. Kiki will knock you right into shape! Everyone shop now. Explore the many other products she has available also!"


  • "I love the Kikiliciousfashions workout collection! They are so comfortable to work out in & also helps mold out my waist! I personally own 3 of them & can't wait to try out the other ones!"


  • "I knew to come to Kiki for my post-op waist waist-trainer, especially because I was able to get a custom one with MY OWN measurements. I rather invest into quality products & Kiki has them! Forever a kikiliciousfashions clients!"